Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations Video

Inventory Control and Management


Inventory management and control is the heart and pulse of many businesses.  It’s imperative you have the products your customers want when they want them, especially now in our “instant gratification” culture.  There is a very fine balance between this and controlling the costs associated with holding stock.  “Just in time” inventory is something that all inventory based business strive towards but it’s never an easy thing to accomplish and the factors involved are numerous.

How well does your company walk this inventory tightrope?  Does your team have the tools and information they need so they don’t lean to far one way or the other?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations offers very robust inventory management and control functionality.  The video below highlights this functionality.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a touch screen enabled, do anything from anywhere, at anytime on almost any device; ERP and App package.  We are excited by the packages interoperability given to the ERP by the Common Data Model, Power Apps, and Flow.  And think you should be excited too.

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