Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations Video

The Case for Case Management

Tips and Tricks

All companies have ‘things’ (issues, problems and/or unusual, unique requirements) to deal with from time to time.  The information needed isn’t usually in just one or two places, they are absolutely everywhere.  There are issues related to customers, vendors, employees, products, services, sales orders, purchase orders, projects, and I could go on.  But the name of the game is always the same.  Be aware, address quickly, communicate effectively, identify and carryout the resolution as soon as possible and with as little labor as possible.  And then if applicable, find a way to ensure or limit the times or ways it can happen again.

Does your company manage these types of things in a consistent, visible way?  Is it in ways that allow you to gather, analyze, track, document, provide guidance for next steps and suggest previously proven resolutions for newly reported issues?  Do you have measures in place so that when a team member is away, another team member will pick up the ball?

Any ERP solution worth its weight in salt, should offer assistance in this area. Dynamics 365  certainly does a good job of it.  And it does it in a very flexible way, allowing businesses to manage all the ‘things’ by creating repeatable, efficient processes that can continually be refined and utilized throughout all departments and for all operations.

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Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a touch screen enabled, do anything from anywhere, at anytime on almost any device; ERP and App package.  We are excited by the packages interoperability given to the ERP by the Common Data Model, Power Apps, and Flow.  And think you should be excited too.

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