Church Management Software

Church Management System

ChurchView Management System is an end to end business software solution for church management. ChurchView was built for the Cloud in HTML5 and is the latest church management system on the market.


Energy | Oil & Gas

Managing remote locations and remote employees doesn’t have to be a challenge.  Discover what ERP solutions can be leveraged to make management a piece of cake.


Job Shops

When every finished good is unique, accuracy is imperative.  Equip your Job Shop team with the tools to make production flawless.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

Make sure you have the right equipment to manage and trace inventory and control your shop floor. Clients First knows what industrial equipment manufacturing need.


Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

Requisition, Repair, Repeat.  It’s easier said than done.  Discover how our industry veterans can make your most complicated orders a cinch with the proper solution and workflows.

Wholesale Distribution Consulting

Wholesale Distribution

How can distributors ensure that the systems they select make available all the tools necessary to efficiently plan, manage, assemble, ship, and deliver orders on time and in good condition? Simply put, by contacting us.