How Much Does an ERP System Cost

Our top questions from prospective customers is always How much does the ERP software, training and setups cost?  This TCO calculator will provide you with a high level estimate of ERP software costs, setup and training.

Implementation of business software or ERP (enterprise resource planning) will vary from business to business and industry to industry.  For example a company of 10M that is a Manufacturer will have higher costs than a 10M company that does Distribution.  Your customers can also drive up the expenses of an implementation project if they demand you have an EDI system, even though EDI is much more affordable now than 10 years ago.

We realize most companies want some rough numbers before reaching out to a partner, perhaps you need an idea of the costs before pushing your management to make the investment.   To help you with a high level estimate we are providing the following form, however feel free to reach out to us anytime to discuss your business requirements and request a quote.  Clients First is an Acumatica and Dynamics Gold Partner.

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