ProMRO Module for Dynamics AX on Service Profiles

This demo will show you how to utilize Service Profiles in the ProMRO module for Dynamics AX.  Utilizing Service Profiles adds consistency to the Quotation and Project creation process.  Service profiles are easy to create, maintain, and update.  Service Profiles take the pressure and guesswork off of the estimator or project administrator because they contain all the necessary details about the Service in a ready to use template.  This is especially applicable to projects such as large turbine repairs and heavy equipment where services may vary due to a slight equipment change.

Service profiles can also be grouped by the estimate center specified in the work order, by equipment type and by service code.  There is also the ability to copy a service profile so that you can create additional templates with slight changes.  This aids in streamlining the creation of new service profiles.

In the ProMRO module, Service Profile must be set to a status of ‘Certified’ in order to be used on a Quote or a Project so there is no fear of an un-approved Service Profile being utilized.  Service Profiles are basically a template and when working with them in the Quick Quote or Quick Project Create forms, items can be added or hours can be changed as is dictated by the specific customer requirement without affecting the original Service Profile.

ProMRO is now available for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain/Operations. ProMRO is designed for the Aviation and Heavy Equipment Repair enterprise.

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