Dynamics AX Project Quick Create within the ProMRO Module

The Dynamics AX Project Quick create is unique to the ProMRO module (formerly known as the EPM module).  The Project Quick Create enables users to easily create the project, project contract, work order quote and invoice by clicking a single button.  The Project Quick Create is based on a pre-configured template, so users are prompted to enter the correct information, saving time and keystrokes.  This is particularly helpful for the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul industry where several documents are juggled for a single project.


This is the ProMRO Area of Dynamics AX, lets click on Project Details and new project to create a Quick Project.

Click Quick Create to create a new Project.

Notice we’ve already filled in Name of business relation, description and Customer Purchase Order.  We’re now going to set the Due Date.  Let’s choose equipment.

After equipment is selected, we can enter customer specific details on the Create Customer Equipment form.

Enter details and press OK, notice we checked ‘Prompt for Engineering Values’.  The Engineering values screen will pop up after we press ok.

Here we can set engineering test values for the equipment.  This reference will be attached directly to the quote, contract and invoice throughout the project so you can continually refer to it!

Once we’ve set all the values, we can close the table.

Click in Services area.  Keep note that you can choose services that are only  available at the estimate center in addition to all services available.  We can keep the services generic though, so we can use them for another project.

We’ll cover Service Profiles in a different section.  However, for each service you enter, line items associated with that service template will automatically be added to the project!  This is something that you would otherwise have to enter manually, but the ProMRO module allows you to do this automatically.  Notice that our service selection has automatically brought in the line items.

When we press OK, the project is created.  Through the ProMRO’s Quick Create process, the Work Order is created at the same time.

We’re now back to the project screen and have filtered the projects.  We have our new project selected.  Lets explore the project tabs. From the General tab you can view the Project Contract and the Estimate Project.

Notice how the project contract was automatically created with all of the information we need just by creating the ‘Quick Project’,  here we can drill down to the specific details of the project.  Notice we can do the same for the Estimate project.  We’ll now go to the ProMRO TAB.

Notice we are now in the ProMRO Tab. From here we can see how all the values are reference able from a single screen, including the quote, service profile and equipment. We’ll cover the specific equipment table later, but from here we can drill down to the equipment and see if there are any customer specifications (like we entered when we created the project).

This concludes the Microsoft Dynamics AX demo on the ProMRO Module covering the Dynamics AX Project Quick Create functionality.

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