Create Dynamics AX Service Template Profiles Using the ProMRO Module

The ProMRO module makes creating Dynamics AX Service Template Profiles easy.  Service profiles make creating quotes and projects simple, consistent and robust.  They help to eliminate human error because it prompts users for details.  This is ideal for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Firms who manage large projects and execute different services at different shops.


Lets take a look at a feature unique to the ProMRO module called the Service Profile.  The service profile ensures consistency across all projects by containing default values and details about a project in a template. Let’s take a look.

This is the Service Profile form.  Notice that we can see the status of the services. Let’s review how we can make changes to the prices for quoting purposes.

Notice we can review and make changes to fees. It is also possible to change time expenses.

Unique to the ProMRO module is the ability to copy service profiles and create a new one based on it.  We’ve copied the project and have unchecked the ‘Calculate Per Set’ box.  We’ll now demonstrate the recalculate function.

Notice that under Ext. Cost Price, the price has changed to $3,400.  We can now recalculate the service profile.  We can also make changes on the Quote Line Items of the copied service profile.

We’ll now demonstrate how to change the status of a service profile. It must be noted that a service profile can only be changed when the status is set to “under development”, we’ll now change to Not Certified We can also change it back.

On the statistics tab view, you can see the total price and costs for the service profile. Let’s note the total cost because next, we’ll show you how to set a firm price for a service profile or items.

Lets set a firm price. We’re going to enter $20,000. Notice the price has been set. Lets check the totals now.  Although we can see the total price is now $20,000, lets hit recalculate by going to Functions. Click Service Profile Recalculation.

As you can see creating Dynamics AX Service Template Profiles using the ProMRO module makes it easy to ensure consistency across services.

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