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Quick Tip Tuesday #18

Activities: Adding Activity Types

Quick Tip Tuesday videos are created to show how easy it is to use Acumatica Cloud ERP.

This week we are showing you how to add different Activity types based on your business events.  Another configuration without customization!

Last week we showed how you can use the Activities tabs on the Leads, Contacts, Business Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Marketing Lists, and Marketing Campaigns data entry forms, where you can create activities and associate them with the particular entity.   The Projects and Project Tasks forms also include Activities tabs; on these tabs, you can view only activities associated with the project or task.

All activities (including current, completed, and not-yet-started ones) related to the selected entity—that is, the lead, contact, business account, opportunity, case, marketing list, marketing campaign, project, or project task you are viewing—are listed on the Activities tab. You can view the details of the task, event, or activity by clicking the value in the Subject box, which is a link to the corresponding task, event, or activity.

Watch this overview video and then stay tuned for three more over the coming weeks!

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