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Learn how to breakdown data silos to give you an accurate picture of your MRO business. Since it is a single integrated application you can ditch the labyrinth of spreadsheets. ProMRO enables MRO’s to automate the use of quality data that is key to achieving a more efficient transparent procurement and sales process.

December 9, 2020 Webinar Agenda:  ProMRO Cloud ERP for the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Industry

We will demonstrate how ProMRO can streamline your MRO business:

      1. Complete ERP solution; no disparate systems to maintain.
      2. Unlimited system users; saves money and gives access to any employee that needs it.
      3. Cloud, On-premise or hosted; you choose your deployment and access from anywhere on any device!
      4. Dashboards for everyone; shows exactly what they need to do and your owner/CEO/CFO will love the reporting and KPI.
      5. Fast quoting and/or work order creation; use Service Profiles for repeatable work.  Need shop approvals? No problem!
      6. Core tracking customer equipment and history
      7. PartsBase integration and open API for all your integration needs.

ProMRO Value

The real value of ProMRO is the connection.

Begin with a quote. With ProMRO, you start with a quote – this will create visibility of your interactions with prospects, so your pipeline is visible.

Easy to use templates. This enables you to quickly quote new work, with tracking revisions to minimize any confusion regarding the approved scope.

Scope of work. The approved quote becomes the basis for the shop work orders to clearly show the scope of work. Additions are easily quoted, amended and tracked to the job.

Support Documentation. Photos, videos and other documentation can be added to help support the proposed scope of work.

Closely monitor jobs. Easily monitor all active jobs and identify problems before they become a drain on your business. Problems caught early are easier to correct and will improve your profitability.

Convert to invoice. Lastly, the shop order becomes the basis for the invoice. The invoice is sent, the receivables are updated, ledger entries created, and the loop is closed.

Visually manage. Dashboards and graphical displays highlight the important activities in your business. Time saving drill downs enable you to efficiently find the source transaction without combing through pages of detail.

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