Frequently Asked ERP Questions

How is Dynamics AX Licensed?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is sold through Value Added Resellers, commonly referred to as Dynamics AX Partners.  Partners will issue and help you implement your license of Dynamics AX.  Additional modules, users and add-ons can also be licensed through your partner.  We recommend consulting a Dynamics AX partner such as Clients First who has experience working with the product since its conception.  This ensures adequate experience in deploying the system in environments.  (Call 800.331.8382 for immediate assistance)

What modules do I get when I buy Dynamics AX?

You get them all!  Work with your Partner to determine what Client Access Licenses (CAL) you need to purchase; Enterprise, Functional, Task, or Self Service.  You and your Partner can also work together to decide what modules you will implement.  As you grow or your business changes you can implement more of the great AX functionality.  These two brochures explain what is included with the software purchase.  Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Product Guide and Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Preview.

Can you integrate AX with [fill in any product here] ?

Yes.  We’ve successfully integrated Dynamics AX with SAP, Salesforce, Team Center and legacy ERP systems, just to name a few.  As a matter of fact, Dynamics AX can also be integrated with any application, including mobile.  See our Dynamics AX Mobile App page for more information on enterprise mobility and custom mobile applications.

How does my company purchase Dynamics AX?

The newest version offered is called The New Dynamics AX or AX7.  The cloud deployment option is available for purchase now but if your company would rather adopt a hybrid cloud environment, meaning they would use their own data centers for added privacy and control, that option will become available to the public in the near future. AA package deal that includes a CRM solution along with Dynamics AX can be also be implemented, it is called Dynamics 365. If your company prefers an on-premise solution, Dynamics AX R3 can be optimized and purchased as well.

 These two brochures explain what is included with the software purchase:

How is Dynamics AX supported?

Dynamics AX is best supported through your Dynamics AX Partner.  This is why it is important to research and know your partner’s credentials.  Although Clients First’s AX partner locations are in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Martinez, California, we support clients nationally and globally.

Is Job Scheduling Part of AX?

Master Planning within AX schedules jobs and resources at the same time it plans for inventory requirements.  AX offers the ability to record skills, competencies, certificates as well as working calendars to each employee thus providing Master Planning with the information it needs to do powerful scheduling.  AX also offers several tools for assisting with scheduling changes when needed.  The tools include but are not limited to visual capacity loads, Gantt chart scheduling as well as job re-sequencing options that can be performed on a touch screen.   Graphical scheduling tools are stronger in one of our partner solutions from Dynamics Software.  An overview of the capabilities is attached.  We can show you standard AX and the solution from Dynamics Software for your comparison.


Can Dynamics AX import materials and operations from Excel?

Importing from Excel into Dynamics AX can be completed with a few simple steps, as outlined below. Of course this feature will be available based on user security.  TechNet has information regarding Dynamics AX, including Excel imports:

Does Dynamics AX allow  for user defined excel reporting?

Yes, there are many options here including the use of filters and pivot tables. We can show you the power of this feature during a demonstration.


Can Dynamics AX comparing historical costing data and labor hours for establishing standards and KPI?

Within Inventory Management, there is a Variance Analysis Statement that shows this information in detail.  The report does have drill-down capabilities.

Does Dynamics AX have job specific cost analysis – Estimated vs Actual in table format with drill-down capabilities to easily see where differences lay?

That type of reporting is available within Project Accounting.


Reporting in Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX reporting allows users to manage reports with extensive options. Reporting is flexible and based on your organization’s specific needs.

The business intelligence and reporting features of Dynamics AX allow key decision makers to analyze factors that affect your bottom line with flexible and customizable analysis tools. These Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities not only allow users to share information across departments, but the entire organization. The business intelligence solution in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 uses the Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions.

General Reporting Module Functionality

  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services: Give employees instant access to information with built-in reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Automatically generate custom reports with Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder, an ad hoc query tool. Access a wide variety of standard reports (more than 800) including analytical reports.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Server: Drive actionable insights to people across the enterprise using easy-to-use online analytical processing (OLAP) an data-mining capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 provides preconfigured data cubes for key business areas. Employees can easily access the data from KPIs in their Role Center or directly from Microsoft Excel.
  • Management Reporter: Create boardroom-quality reports without IT assistance, consolidate across both Microsoft Dynamics ERP and other general ledgers, and take advantage of secure report distribution and storage through the centralized Report Library.


Dynamics AX Gives Manufacturers & MROs Better Tools To Be Successful

Key elements to success in today’s business world are a company’s software and its ability to process business intelligence. Microsoft Dynamics AX, based on a powerful and flexible Microsoft platform, enables you to achieve visibility, insight and control over your operations.  Dynamics AX is designed to cost-effectively support customizations that are necessary for your company to adapt, grow and maintain a competitive edge.  These customizations are implemented by our team to make the system work better for your company, and require no maintenance from your team.

Why Clients Choose Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution built for medium to large sized enterprises.  What makes Dynamics AX an ideal candidate for both local and comprehensive global management solutions is its multi-language and multi-currency features.  This may sound complex, but Microsoft Dynamics AX has an interface that is built like other familiar Microsoft products and is so easy to use.   In addition to its robust functionality, features such as seamless integration with Office and support handling structured and unstructured data make it a practical option for Enterprise use.

Whereas other solutions offer enterprise integration, Dynamics AX is one unified ERP solution.  Dynamics AX is composed of several modules, which can be thought of as functional compartments.  These modules represent areas such as financials, human resources, project accounting and production, to name just a few.

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