Dynamics AX 2012 R3 E-Procurement ERP Video Part II, Configuring and Publishing an RFQ

Welcome to Part II of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 training demo on eProcurement.  This demonstration will cover how to configure the RFQ, add lines, publish and send to the Dynamics AX vendor portal. Part III will cover unsealing the bids, entering physical sealed-bid amounts, scoring, comparing and awarding bids. PART III.


After pressing OK, our RFQ Details pane pops up, let’s configure the RFQ.
Expand the ‘Request for quotation lines’ tab if you have not already done so and add a line. Select ‘Category’ as the line type.
Let’s add another line.  After selecting ‘Category’ as the line item, enter OFFICE MACHINES again.
Notice our Line Type for this line is an ‘Item’, now lets select the item.
Expand the Vendor fast tab if it is not already expanded and select ‘Auto-add vendors’.
The Auto-add vendors are automatically added to the RFQ based on the procurement categories on the lines.
Expand the Questionnaires FastTab if you have not already done so and add a questionnaire.  Select the Vendor Eval Questionnaire.
On the Action Pane, in the Process group, click Publish to Vendor Portal.
Now let’s send the RFQ.  In the ‘Sending Request for Quotation Form’ click OK.  Verify that the RFQ has been published to the Vendor Portal and bids sent to vendors.

Now we will demonstrate bidding on an RFQ.  We have logged in as Erin, an external vendor and have opened up the Vendor Portal.  Click on Open Requests for quotations to see the RFQ that was sent to the portal.
Make sure the RFQ ‘Conference Room Upgrades’ that we created is highlighted, and click on ‘Bid’ from the Action Pane.
Select Projector and enter a unit price. Now let’s enter a comment.  We’ll repeat this for the next three line items.
Expand the Questionnaire fast tab if you have not already done so and Complete the Questionnaire.
A new window will pop up, answer the questions and click forward.
Enter Yes and click forward.
On the last question, press End.
After ending the questionnaire, you’ll return to the ‘reply to request for quotation page’.  Click Submit.
Verify it has been sent and click close.
Once you have successfully completed the bid, you will be returned to the ‘requests for quotations’ screen.  Next, we’ll demonstrate how to unseal bids on the RFQ.


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