Dynamics NAV App

Microsoft Rolls Out Dynamics NAV App

We have some exciting news: Dynamics NAV 2015 didn’t come alone. Microsoft also launched a new Dynamics NAV App, which is flexible enough to adapt to any iPad, Android, or Windows 8 tablet. The app grants access to essential business information, ranging from sales invoices to business activity reports, while offering NAV users the best experience via a modern, fresh, consistent touch-screen interface.

Dynamics NAV App

Dynamics NAV App Overview

According to Microsoft, the new app is one of the most reliable “partners” Dynamics NAV users can get, regardless of whether they’re executives, decision makers, managers, or regular employees whose input can help companies drive corporate performance.

Available in 25 languages, Dynamics NAV App allows business people to manage finances, business operations, supply chains, human resources, suppliers, and customers from virtually anywhere, at any time. The app connects to the server your organization is connected to, offering the mobile access your employees need in order to get vital business information at their fingertips.

More precisely, you can use the app to search for data, handle information conveniently, get a synopsis of your entire business activity, view different processes in the Role Center, access Office 365 or Microsoft Excel for information sharing, upload pictures taken with your tablet to Dynamics NAV, and get in touch with other employees, customers, and suppliers.

By having access to real-time information 24 hours a day, you can make informed decisions in a timely manner, which will positively affect your company’s financial performance and overall success. Offering continuous access to business data, the app also supports the latest enterprise mobility concepts, such as BYOD and BYOC, which are slowly turning mobile devices into powerful business tools, boosting productivity and profit margins.

Quick and snappy, Dynamics NAV App provides a reliable alternative to the Web Client currently available for laptops. Further, the app is available to download for free from iTunes, Google Play, or Windows Stores, and it can be installed on any tablet running the relevant operating system along with Dynamics NAV. A regrettable downside is that the new app doesn’t support Smartphones, and it only connects to the latest Microsoft server versions (from version 8.0 onwards). Unlike Dynamics NAV, which can also be used offline, NAV app is only usable with a stable Internet connection.

To support both Web and Tablet Client, Dynamics NAV makes available two different profiles. Although the Tablet Client profile is similar to the Web Client profile, it has been especially designed to meet the form factor restrictions of tablets. Attempting to provide the right answers even before questions are asked, Microsoft technicians have already announced that the new app delivers several encryption functions, which enable developers to implement different encryption/decryption protocols for enhanced data security. The app also includes a new upgrade code unit, streamlining the entire upgrade process by offering users a superior tool for automating, tracking progress, testing, and troubleshooting upgrades.

Undoubtedly, a new app that promises not only to enhance users experience and extend Dynamics NAV functionality more than ever before, but also to improve the overall business performance by making mobile environments more explicit and controllable can create a lot of buzz and interest even when it is quietly launched.