Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics 365 Finance set of modules are designed for the enterprise that may require multi-company, multi-country, and have multiple lines of business with a large set of users.   Dynamics 365 Finance can also be tightly embedded with the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain modules.   In fact, the software solution was one system until recently and now can be purchased as separate standalone solutions.   Clients First focus has been on the entire solution; Finance and Supply Chain which is important to know when choosing the right Microsoft Partner to work with on new projects or existing installations.  Leadership and Board members want accurate reporting to ensure the best business decisions are made.   Using both the Supply Chain and Finance set of modules will ensure these requirements are met with a system built for productivity and meets a multitude of cross industry requirements.

Contact Clients First to discuss your specific manufacturing, supply chain and finance requirements. Since 2003 our focus has been, and will continue to be providing value to our customers in the Manufacturing, Job Shop, Service, Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) and Project focused industries.

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Dashboard Example of Dynamics 365 Finance
Dynamics 365 Finance

The financial modules and functionality include:

  • GL, AR, AP & Tax
  • Budgeting
  • Cash & Bank Management
  • Cost & Expense Management
  • Consolidations
  • Budgeting
  • Compliance Management
  • Audit Workbench
  • Credit & Collections
  • Fixed Assets
  • Project management & accounting
  • Project accounting & invoicing
  • Project cost control
  • Work breakdown structures
  • Integration with Power BI

The software is an end to end business solution that handles everything from accounting to warehouse functions if Supply Chain is also implemented.  The workspaces, task guides, and workflows make your and  your employees more efficient and less error prone. Think of workspaces as a mini application that is designed to help a user focus on the most important aspects of their job on one page.

Task guides allow you to focus on your job, and not have to worry about training.  A task guide is a controlled, guided, interactive experience that leads you or your employees through the steps of a task, or business process. You can open (play) a task guide from the Help pane. When you first click a task guide, the Help pane will show the step-by-step instructions for the task.

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Our sales team will be pleased to discuss a demonstration agenda for your decision makers.   Our demonstrations are completed by functional consultants that can answer your questions immediately.  We can complete high level or very detailed demonstrations.  We understand the implementation of Dynamics Finance  and/or Supply Chain is a large investment and leaders want to make the right decision on the software and most importantly their implementation partner.  Clients First has implementations in over 12 countries, large and small enterprises, multiple languages, and local country VAT, which gives our team the depth of experience to please the most demanding  project managers.

Contact our Texas or Minnesota offices for more information. 

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