Food and Beverage Manufacturing

When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics AX/Dynamics 365 for Operations the Process Manufacturing functionality, precision, detail and accuracy are paramount. We understand that your business has a shelf life. In most cases, your product is consumed before you can claim the receivables. Your business demands nothing less than perfect.

In the food processing industry, you must cope with specific challenges that go beyond the stand-alone distribution and manufacturing operations. Stringencies such as expiration dates, regulatory standards and special handling are just a few of the requirements that must be met. Microsoft Dynamics, paired with an experienced partner, can help food and beverage manufacturers overcome these challenges. The tools inherent in Dynamics  are designed to help food and beverage manufacturers meet demand, quality control and optimal inventory levels-all while maximizing profit margins.

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Dynamics AX/365 Enterprise Features for Food & Beverage

  • Sales

    Dynamics AX/365 Enterprise will help you better service your customers and anticipate their needs. Sales orders are smoothly processed while tracking information is captured for future reference. Customers’ forecasts can be entered, allowing you to plan your purchases in order to meet your customers’ needs.

    • Fully Integrated Customer Relationship Management
    • Route Distribution and Pre-sale Call Management
    • Quotes easily converted to sales orders
    • Flexible pricing options
    • Full pick, pack and ship functionality
    • Catch weights / Lot Tracking / Pallet Tracking
    • Demand Forecasting
    • Distributor and Independent Food Contractor Management
  • Production

    Food Process Manufacturing is a complex event.  Lots, conversions, batch sizes and recipes all convene to create an intricate formula.  Not to mention the factoring in of costs, pallets, plant capacity and special orders that result in an even bigger challenge.  A challenge that Microsoft Dynamics AX was designed to tackle.

    • Manages Ingredients, Co-products and By-products
    • Advanced Planning, Forecasting and Scheduling
    • Formula Management and Security
    • Catch Weight Management
    • Loss and Yield Control Management
    • Container, and Packaging Management
    • Batch Production Orders for Make to Order
  • Control

    Producing food with controls can be costly for a number of reasons, with the ultimate being a full recall. The objective of controls is to evaluate along the way, so that problems are corrected before full execution. The ability to measure what is being produced, paired with inventory evaluation based on shelf life, are only a few examples of how Dynamics Process Manufacturing will equip you with the necessary information to maintain control over a very valuable asset.

    • Shelf Life and Best Before Dates, First Expired / First Out support
    • Title 21 CFR Part II Compliance
    • GTIN Product Identification
    • Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) and Case Compliant Tags
    • Multi-Location Inventory Management
    • Quality Control and Documentation
    • Supports Inspection and Recall Management
  • Reports

    Establish standards for yields, and then report actual yields. Find inadequacies, take corrective action and move on. That’s the basis of Dynamics reporting, equipped to represent costs, production requirements and customer satisfaction. Graphical representations included.

    • Tools for Electronic Signatures, Audit Trails, Calibrations and Time-Outs
    • Nutritional Labeling and Analysis
    • Tank and Product Management
    • Index Product Pricing
    • Analysis of Co-Product and By-Product Attributes
    • Multidimensional Inventory Tracking
    • Comprehensive Where-used Analysis, Including Alternative Formula and Recipe Tracking

Clients First an Experienced Partner

At Clients First, we have firsthand experience dealing with the challenges faced by the food and beverage process manufacturing industry.  By leveraging the inherent functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX/365, we have helped clients optimize their production processes, speed the flow of goods and meet delivery demands.  The capabilities that are native to Microsoft Dynamics AX are robust enough to meet the requirements of even the most complex process manufacturing operations.  Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 is capable of lot tracking, formula management, catch weights and yield control without relying on add-on software and additional vendors.

By relying on the tools for Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 for food and beverage, companies are equipped to react to volatile market changes.  Comprehensive reporting features and business intelligence allow you to react timely to market changes and commodity pricing.  The reporting features paired with index product pricing and recipe management, equip process manufacturing operations with the control to maintain profitability throughout the most unstable of market conditions.

Clients First is committed to helping you leverage Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 Process Manufacturing features by putting you and your business first.

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