Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Accounts Payable Training Demo Part II

Welcome to Part II of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Accounts Payable training demo. This video will cover how to manage and pay vendor payments through the Role Center in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. Unique to NAV 2013 is the ability to manage all tasks through a user-tailored Role Center.

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Welcome to Part II of Clients First Business Solutions Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Accounts Payable Demo.

I can manually enter lines in the payment journal, but NAV 2013 includes a “suggest vendor payment” function which makes it easy to pay vendors on time, and to pay early, taking advantage of early payment discounts.

In the Suggest Vendor Payments Window, I will select the filters I wish to apply.  I want to include all the payments up to my current work date.

I also want to include payment discounts.  I also need to set my payment posting date.  And filter on Vendor 10000, click drop down to select vendor.

My suggest vendor payment has been created.  Notice the payment amount.  This is the amount NAV has suggested that I pay to vendor 10000, London Post Master.

I can click on Apply Entries to view the invoices that are included in this suggest payment.

Note that the “Amount to Apply” is different from the “Applied Amount”.  This is because the payment discount amount has been deducted.

I am now ready to post the journal.  I will click “Yes” to confirm and post the journal lines.  NAV will confirm that the journal posted successfully.

When I look at London Postmaster, I see that their balance has been reduced by the amount of the payment I just posted.

If I drill down into the Ledger Entries, I can view the payment that was just processed.  Now let’s go back into the Role Center and look at another valuable Account Payable tool.  NAV 2013 provides a comprehensive group of reports designed to help manage accounts payable.

Perhaps the most valuable is the “Aged Accounts Payable” Report.

In the “Edit – Aged Accounts Payable” Window I can define Options and Set Filters if needed.

This report provides me with an analysis of my vendor balances aged in 30 day periods.

This concludes the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Accounts Payable Training demonstration.  Thank you for allowing us to show you how NAV 2013 can help you manage your Accounts Payable activities more efficiently and effectively.

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