Integrating Dynamics AX to CAD Video

Clients First Texas recently partnered with an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) with great references and a solution many of our manufacturers need; CADLink by Qbuild seamlessly integrates your ERP to CAD.  Qbuild’s program has documented return on investment by integrating CADLink with your ERP solution.  As a result, we recorded a video of the informative webinar. Click the graphic below to view the video.


CADLink benefits Engineers and Manufacturer’s

CADLink was developed with engineering designers and manufacturers in mind, it enables users to:

  • Gain data generated before and during the design phase in your CAD system
  • Eliminate engineering clerical work
  • Avoid costly errors that may occur due to manual data entry

By bridging the gaps between CAD systems and ERP solutions, CADLink increases engineering productivity by minimizing the time and effort engineers must put into managing two separate systems. The system allows for less errors in that the data does not need to be reworked or transferred allowing for:

  • using less manpower
  • cutting out inefficienciencies
  • eliminating many cost overruns
  • reducing development costs
  • decreasing product design costs

By using CADLink, for instance, engineers can enter, view and update information automatically, including item master data and BOMs, without having to switch between two different software solutions. Not only will this eliminate ERP clerical work and the risk of error; it will also allow engineers to benefit from more streamlined product design and development processes.

What makes us so excited about QBuild’s CADLink solution is the ROI.  If your company employs 8 engineers, the software in labor alone can save your company $35,000 annually.  In our eyes, CADLink and Dynamics AX are necessities for SMB’s in the manufacturing industry that employ engineers.

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