Acumatica Cloud ERP

Improving Usability

Quick Tip Tuesday # 1

User Interface: Basics

Quick Tip Tuesday videos are created to show how easy it is to use Acumatica Cloud ERP. If you are already an Acumatica end-user then these tips may just help your team too!  Save money. Save time.  Get to know Acumatica’s ease of use and functionality.  

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Acumatica?

  1. One complete ERP solution
  2. Fully managed ERP (cloud/SaaS edition)
  3. Cloud or on-premise deployment
  4. VERY user friendly! Leader in ease of use since 2016!
  5. Unlimited users – no per user license cost

Top 5 Benefits of Acumatica

  1. Connect anywhere on any Internet device
  2. Eliminate spreadsheets and multiple applications – save money and time!
  3. Reduce IT headaches and costs
  4. Stop running out of user licenses
  5. Provide your staff with a modern ERP solution that provide one database for one version of the truth

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