Welcome to the Guided Tour Of Dynamics AX (7) for Retail Professionals

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With Dynamics AX (7), not only can your company conquer the manufacturing world, but it can extend into retail and e-commerce if needed.

Dynamics AX (7) for Retail Professionals includes:

  • Modern point of sale (MPOS)
  • E-commerce
  • Order management and payment processing
  • Catalog management
  • Merchandising
  • Loyalty capabilities
  • Centralized store management
  • Hardware and payment compliance
  • Store operations
  • Business intelligence
  • Supply chain & logistics

Modern point of sale (MPOS)

Superior store systems consolidate your customers’ purchase information, such as sales history, transaction details, and wish lists. Providing the right information at the right time on any device enables your sales associates to better assist customers and make recommendations based on purchase patterns and preferences.


that offers support for third-party storefronts, including features such as a rich consumer API, authentication integration to any third-party open ID provider, payment
integration, and search-based technology that offers accurate, timely, and consistent performance.

Order management and payment processing

Create orders and quotes without leaving the customer’s side using POS order management. Accept, fulfill, and track standard and special orders with a 360-degree business

When your company uses  Dynamics AX: customers can shop in any mode, on any device, and at a time convenient to them. Offering a friction-less and rewarding experience to your customers, regardless of their shopping style during the purchase cycle. Manage and apply required tax schemas, inventory reservations, and perform price and inventory checks. Orders can be retrieved at any store, including online and call center. This key differentiator will keep them coming back to you.

Catalog management

Create product catalogs and categorization schemes that can be targeted to or shared between channels.


Use category management to centrally manage your assortment, including creation, scheduling, tracking, as well as n-level deep item hierarchies.

Loyalty capabilities

Configure and manage various loyalty programs, including tiers, tier rules, dates and discounts, points accrual, and redemption, across any channel.

Centralized store management

Centralized POS terminal management includes visual and functional profiles, user interface layouts, and employee permissions. Consistent store/ERP data model and business
rules facilitate accurate, timely data. Data replication helps ensure critical updates across the organization including inventory and financial updates, sales order payments, gift card usage, and updates to loyalty programs.

Hardware and payment compliance

Support retail industry standards, including object linking and embedding (OLE) point of sale (OPOS) to maximize POS hardware and peripheral choice. Manage payment card
industry (PCI) data security standards compliance and ongoing support. Manage multiple or dual shift/cash drawers—enabling two cashiers to use a POS register off and on while
maintaining their own cash drawer, as well as dual printer signature capture and dual scanner.

Store operations

Optimize your store operations, track inventory real time, maintain accounts receivable, keep customers coming back with customer loyalty, save time by maintaining labor records, track layaways, back orders, sales orders, quotes, and much more.

Business intelligence

Take the data you are capturing across all of your channels, combine it with data from other data sources, and display it in meaningful visualizations and reports to drive your business forward and turn insight into action. Simply put, get to know your customer better and see more clearly how your company is performing.

Supply chain & logistics

A real time view of your organization and products gives visibility to people and processes in order to handle costs and provide more efficient customer service across these functions:
• Replenishment
• Order management
• Warehouse and transportation

Take the guided tour of Dynamics AX for retail professionals.