ERP Software Solutions for Discrete Manufacturers 

At Clients First Texas, we understand Discrete Manufacturers.  As a matter of fact, this is what sets us apart from the competition. We understand that efficient manufacturing requires the synchronization of people, machines and raw materials to produce finished goods that will be sold to customers.  This is why Discrete Manufacturing organizations find themselves searching for a ‘manufacturing scheduling software’ solution to efficiently run and synchronize all aspects of their organization.

A better way to describe ‘manufacturing scheduling software’ or any manufacturing industry solution is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).  With ERP, you no longer have to stumble in between spreadsheets, quickbooks, human capital management and production systems.  ERP has modules that incorporate all of this functionality under one umbrealla, so that your entire enterprise is sharing data in one place; resulting in an accurate exchange of information across all departments.

The team at Clients First Texas knows Discrete Manufacturing organizations.  Our solutions have specialized in simplifying the processes of Work Orders, Production, Cost, Control and beyond.

When it comes to software, Discrete Manufacturers need an industry solution that can connect sales and purchasing with logistics, production and warehouse management to ensure that real-time information is available from the second an order is placed.  These features improve your plant’s Available to Promise (ATP) and cut down on superfluous costs.

Our team also recognizes the importance of finding a software solution that is compatible with the needs of scheduling for manufacturing organizations.   Our comprehensive knowledge of ERP and Discrete Manufacturing can find a solution that will accurately allocate raw materials and resources to ensure smooth scheduling of production.

In addition to smooth operations, control and insight are necessary for decision making today. Discrete Manufacturers need a fast and efficient way to register financial transactions, manage relationships between subsidaries and parent organizations as well as cost accounting management.  Our Dallas/Fort Worth based team has successfully delivered financial insight, expenditure control and enforcement in an easily accessible dashboard at the click of a button.

From single site manufacturing operations to multi-site international deployments, the team at Clients First Texas has done it all.  Our experience in the Discrete Manufacturing landscape paired with ERP knowledge deliver manufacturing industry software solutions on time and on budget-every time.