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Church Management Software

ChurchView Management System is an end to end business software solution for church management. ChurchView was built for the Cloud and needs only an Internet browser to access the system.

ChurchView enables large and medium sized churches to have the best accounting and operations management system within reach of all your staff and congregation. Without per user license fees, ChurchView is a very affordable cloud solution for your entire community.

Benefits of the ChurchView Management System

  • Better understand the financial health of your church

  • Simply manage multi-campus finances

  • Easily track and manage designated funds

  • Accurately manage congregation contributions

  • Effectively manage volunteers, rooms and events

  • Centralize management while delegating responsibility

Why Choose ChurchView

ChurchView is embedded within Acumatica Cloud ERP.  Acumatica has ranked the leader in ease of use by a top software analyst two years in a row.  Acumatica was also received an Excellent rating by PCMag.

2018 Cloud ERP Value Matrix

The Managing Directors at Clients First worked with the management team at Trinity Fellowship Church (TFC) in Amarillo Texas to develop ChurchView.  With 7 campuses and growing, TFC chose Acumatica and Clients First to develop a church management solution to manage multiple funds with correct designation tracking, multiple campus scheduling and tracking, ministry management, KPI dashboards, and a lot more.  See the full list of features below.

Features of the ChurchView Management System

Ministry Management

  • Schedule Services
  • Assign Pastors
  • Schedule one or more sanctuaries
  • Utilize many other pre-defined and user values to help track registration and attendance
  • Develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to assure that the ministers or speakers messages are being well received to their congregation

Campus Room Management (Multiple Campuses)

  • Quickly combine, change or add rooms to handle the unexpected
  • Setup and schedule activities for day school
  • Tracking participating children
  • Track congregation participation and forecast attendance to properly staff events
  • Manage room conflicts across multiple campuses
  • ChurchView ensures parents and church staff are kept updated on the location of children and that they are with the appropriate church guardian

Kiosk Management – No add on software is needed

  • Allows for fast and easy check in for Sunday school, day care or other events
  • Volunteer check-in allows you to monitor scheduled vs actual participation along with KPI’s to help with future planning
  • Children’s check-in automatically assigns the child to appropriate room based upon age and/or abilities
  • Children promotions are easily handled greatly simplifying year to year management of children groups
  • Congregation and volunteers can participate in check-in to activities across campuses
  • Daily events are automatically displayed to help coordinate activities
  • Attractive name badges can be printed for children and/or volunteers
  • Participation is tracked and KPI’s are clearly displayed on dashboards providing you with a base to effectively manage activities across multiple campuses
  • Volunteer to participant staffing levels are monitored and clearly visible

Contribution Management

  • Contributions can be made to specific fund-raising initiatives
  • Accept payment by credit card, cash, ACH or check
  • Setup and track recurring contributions
  • Contributions to cash deposits are easily reconciled
  • Cash management can be done through one or more cash accounts
  • Optional ChurchView Portal allows the congregants to view or update family members, personal information, preschool invoices, tithes and more.
  • Giving analysis by flexible time periods gives you the ability to identify trends and quickly see changes so you can promptly address
  • Easily analyze giving by year over year by individual campus or for all campuses
  • Giving Statements can be produced at any time as well as annually giving you the ability to confirm the accuracy of your records while providing feedback to the congregation on their contributions

Church Operations and Finances (Multiple Campuses)

  • Built-in multi fund management to track both contributions and distributions by fund to accurately track the financial activities of specific funds and ministries
  • Budgets can be set by campus and fund allowing for strong financial controls
  • Financial statements by campus and fund enhancing your ability to manage a complex organization
  • Approval & security designed specifically for churches with complex delegation of responsibilities and authority. Transaction approvals by senior executive staff can be conveniently done remotely via the Cloud from their phone, tablet or notebook.
  • Event revenue and expense (including volunteer time) can be tracked along with attendance giving you a foundation to effectively manage your planned events.
  • Individual and consolidated budgets provide you with the tools to keep track of even the most complex church.
  • Management Activity Reports provides your management team with key information to keep them accurately informed, so they can intelligent address the needs of the church
  • Attendance dashboards clearly display the activities and trends across campuses

Multi Fund Management

  • Easily track your contributions to building, missionary or any other designated funds
  • Send giving statements to contributors that are detailed by fund
  • Simply track expenditures by fund to allow for detailed reporting
  • Recurring billings for schools and mother’s day out programs are also tracked

Multi Campus Management

  • Manage staff and volunteers across multiple campuses
  • Monitor and compare campus metrics for both finances and participation
  • Connect with congregation by individual campus or for the entire organization
  • Automate sending announcements to congregation
  • Easily track and account for operations by campus

Reporting, Integrations and More (Multiple Campuses)

  • Key Performance Indicators give you timely feedback at a glance using attractive dashboards designed per Management or End-user role.
  • Easy custom reporting allows you to extend reports to your specific needs.
  • Office 365 integration including Excel, email and proactive notifications to keep your team and congregation in sync
  • Strong integration tools to tie your existing web sites, banks and credit card processors to minimize any disruption to your operations.
  • Powerful tools to migrate data from your existing system into the Acumatica ChurchView Management System.
  • Track and depreciate assets
  • Add managing your retail sales with the Retail Management System Add-on (ask us for more information).

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