Unified Manufacturing: End-to-end Business Software Solutions

Manufacturing ERP, End to end, Complete ERP

Business software solutions, also called Enterprise resource planning (ERP), are designed to help companies collect, store, manage and interpret data. According to “The Unified Manufacturing Environment: Transparency, Collaborations, and Decision-Making with End-to-End ERP”, it is used by a staggering 97% of leading manufacturing organizations to help business management operations run more efficiently, but it can also be hinder operations. Using a standard ERP program can make it difficult to get the full picture of your business operations when not integrated with other important company data, such as production scheduling, manufacturing execution and order management.  Without a complete view of the state of your company, it can make it hard to properly communicate, collaborate and keep up with compliance. For this reason, many top manufacturing companies have moved from using an ERP program with a host of other business management programs to a single ERP software that can do it all.

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Secrets Of Obtaining Easier Business Approvals Using NAV Workflows

Microsoft Dynamics NAV workflow functionality making business processes easier.Microsoft Dynamics NAV Workflow Functionality

Who doesn’t like work being easier? Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes work processes almost painless through new features in the 2016 version like posting previews and workflows.  NAV workflows ensure your business follows best practices by automating approval requests and request notifications.   What makes this functionality even more impressive in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, is that your business can use more than 20 workflow templates to connect business processes according to best practices.

Anyone with appropriate permissions can design a workflow by creating or modifying workflow steps and selecting from lists of events and responses. A workflow designer can build sophisticated workflows, without the need of adding application code.   For example your sales team would like to sell a finished good that has slim margins since they have some latitude on pricing.  However, if they price an item below a certain margin percentage a workflow could kickoff that would require the controller, sales manager and/or the CFO to approve the order prior to shipping.  This is especially important to manufacturing companies and of course any distributor.

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Use NAV 2016 & Eliminate Posting Errors

Happy Accountant Using NAV 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 has a number of new features in the Financial Management arena, but the one that I am most excited about is Posting Preview. This frequently requested function is finally a standard feature.  Read more