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You work hard to keep your clients and their businesses safe, but are you securing your business? Not from burglars or hackers, but rather secure from inefficient operations, unprofitable practices and wasted resources. It’s important to make sure your business is getting maximum return for the work it doing and that can’t happen with any of the problems present in your company. In order to accomplish maximum ROI, security product manufacturers such as firearms, safes and sporting goods must have the proper business software to analyze their performance with their clients and overall progress in meeting business goals.

“The entire dialogue was stimulating, and the clarity we now have on serialization should clear the way for us to firm up our blue print. As we go down the path of re-implementing AX, I am confident our success will be in part due to your energetic support.”

Bill Taylor, Senior Director of Mossberg’s Global Supply Chain – Mossberg Firearms Manufacturer

With Microsoft Dynamics AX/ Dynamics 365 for Operations, your company will get to look forward to a future with improved ROI, reduced costs and increased efficiency. The ideal solution for security manufacturers also one that can be implemented business-wide in order to deliver operational insight that facilitates visibility and control. Dynamics AX/365 can do all of that with a full set of modules from Financials, Supply Chain, Projects, Manufacturing, Service Management, CRM and more. This makes it that much easier to make sure your clients are happy with your products as their needs are met.

Microsoft Dynamics AX /365 has the functionality security manufacturers need to grow and conquer new business opportunities.  At Clients First, we have successfully utilized Dynamics AX/365 for manufacturing and helped clients worldwide gain the control they need to grow.

Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 Enterprise Operations for the Security Products Manufacturing Industry Offers These Processes

Dynamics AX Discrete Manufacturing Features

Microsoft Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 Enterprise for Operations Features Include:

  • Discrete Manufacturing
    • Project-Based Manufacturing
    • Engineer to Order (ETO) Manufacturing
    • Make to Order (MTO) Manufacturing
    • Assemble to Order (ATO) Manufacturing
    • Make to Stock (MTS) Manufacturing
    • Job Shop Manufacturing
  • Continuous/Process Manufacturer
  • Batch Manufacturing
  • Flow/Mass Manufacturing
  • Complete Lot / Serial Tracking and Tracing
  • Full Finance and Supply Chain Modules

Clients First Knows Manufacturing

At Clients First, we are committed to help customers harness the true power of solid business software solution for manufacturing. Combining extensive knowledge, specialized skills, practical implementation experience, and willingness to go beyond boundaries with proper support elements, our dedicated professionals meet the needs of our clients, delivering exceptional results every time.

Whether you are considering a first-time ERP implementation, or you are looking into replacing your current system with a more advanced version, we invite you to contact us at Clients First. Our company has offices locally in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, with consultants worldwide.

To preview Dynamics AX manufacturing capabilities, we invite you to watch our on-demand demos.

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