Dynamics Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is an operating method in which the main goal is to focus on profitable areas while getting rid of “waste” areas. It was formally known as Toyota Production System which had three main goals deliver value to customers, eliminate wastes, and continuous improvement. Your company can benefit from Lean Manufacturing with Dynamics AX/365 Enter  by becoming more productive, and save money that previously had not been included in costing.  Implement this process by making small, but high level changes as suggested throughout this page.  While our suggestions may be helpful in your plant, Dynamics AX /365 Enterprise makes production management easier & eliminates waste by tracking:

  • Takt time
  • Cycle counting
  • Production flows
  • Activities

Dynamics AX/365 Lean Manufacturing Demo: The Interactive

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device ERP Eliminates Waiting, Motion, & Over-Processing On The Shop Floor


The “7 Wastes” of Lean Manufacturing

These are the things any company looking to make their manufacturing process more “lean” should try to track down and cut out.


Dynamics AX/365 Lean Manufacturing Features & Functions

Lean Manufacturing with Dynamics AX


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