The Complete ERP Manufacturing Solution

Clients First and Microsoft Dynamics know that your industry of manufacturing is a dynamic environment. Most ERP solutions fall short in meeting all the business requirements that a manufacturer needs from financials to Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Kanban, Scheduling, Order Processing, Warehouse Management and even Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO).  Dynamics AX meets the high demands of some of the top manufacturers worldwide.  Medium to large enterprises should evaluate Dynamics AX to replace disparate systems and spreadsheets.

One solution for a multitude of Operational and Finance processes: Dynamics AX and the experts at Clients First. 

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The ROI of MRP: How Technology Can (and does) Help Manufacturers Save Millions


One Software Solution for Discrete or Process Manufacturing: Dynamics AX

Process Manufacturing

  1. Quality Control and Enforcement Throughout the System From Raw Materials to Production Processes
  2. Catch Weights, Yields, Lot Tracking, Pallet Tracking
  3. Formula Management and Recipe Tracking
  4. Electronic Signatures, Audit Trails, Calibrations and Time-Outs
  5. Multi-dimensional Inventory Tracking
  6. Customer Relationship Management and Case Tracking
  7. Fast Lot Traceability
  8. Analysis of Co-Product and By-Product Attributes
  9. Full Costing  Capabilities
  10. Dynamics AX has so Much More! To see a full listing of functionality click here Dynamics AX Modules 

Discrete and Mixed Mode Manufacturing

  1. Plan and execute various production strategies, such as engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, and configure-to-order
  2. Optimize production forecasting and scheduling along with materials planning;
  3. Create, categorize, schedule, track, split, and roll back work orders;
  4. Source materials by Kanban, work orders, or batch orders;
  5. Track, monitor, and handle jobs using Kanban boards;
  6. Assign bills of materials (BOMs) to specific work orders, tasks, or production processes;
  7. Choose the most cost-effective recipes, formulas, and mixing operations;
  8. Monitor and optimize inventory distribution and supply chain operations;
  9. Select supply policies based on different criteria, such as purchase, production, work or batch orders, or Kanban.
  10. Read more about Dynamics AX for Manufacturing: Manufacturing Factsheet V3

One Expert Vendor: Clients First Business Solutions

The Dallas/Fort Worth and Minneapolis based team at Clients First Texas understands that running a food processing operation is no easy task. Requirements such as quality control testing, inventory management and costing, distribution and customer service, warehouse management and transportation, lot tracking and traceability and all the way to financial reporting, leave no room for semi-accurate spreadsheets and physical adjustments.

  1. Longevity and Expertise;  Multiple Senior-level personnel have 120+ years experience with Microsoft Dynamics AX
  2. Multi-Site / Multi Country Implementations
  3. Strong references with long time customers
  4. Refined Implementation Methodology; with employee and customer portal for budget, timeline and task tracking
  5. Project Manager
  6. Senior Consultant Assignment – we provide cell phone numbers
  7. In most cases we assign a team of consultants with expertise in your industry for: Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Projects

As a competitive player in your industry, you understand that there’s little margin for error – and you need a consulting firm with STRONG INDUSTRY and DYNAMICS AX PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE  that operates that way too.

Dynamics AX and Clients First Customer Reviews

“The Clients First team is able to listen, communicates intuitively with our team and is able to deliver a quality solution, that is not over engineered, the first time”
– John Hoschover, O. F. Mossberg


“Clients First delivers a team of professionals with deep knowledge of AX – and a keen ability to formulate business processes into the software.”
– Wayne Freeman, CTO – Merrick Pet Care 


Complete this form or call 800.331.8382 to review your business requirements with our experienced staff. We can help you determine if Dynamics AX is a good fit for your company.

About Clients First Business Solutions

Clients First Business Solutions is a national organization helping clients leverage the power of an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution. Nationally, we have locations in New Jersey, Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Tennessee and Texas. Founded in 2003, Clients First has since helped implement and support solutions for clients nationally and worldwide. Our expertise, proven methodology and customer-oriented yet pragmatic approach has not only helped us achieve Microsoft Gold ERP competency but also resulted in hundreds of successful ERP projects.800-331-8382.

Clients First: Dynamics AX Practice

The Clients First AX practice is devoted to delivering the power of an ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX to supply chain organizations across the globe. Encompassing two of Clients First’s seven office across the continental United States, Clients First’s AX practice has consultants in Minnesota and Texas. In addition to our national team, as a Dynamics AX VAR we deploy consultants internationally with resource in Australia, Europe, Indonesia and South America. We pride ourselves on our ability to successfully harness basic Dynamics AX functionality, paired with the proper consulting and support elements, to meet our client’s unique business needs. Our experienced team of individuals, combined with a significant number of years in industry knowledge, enables us to help clients leverage the power of an ERP Financial/Supply solution and gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Contact our experienced sales team for further evaluation of Dynamics.  Call us at 877-428-7205, email or complete the form please.