WMS for Acumatica: Complete Distribution ERP Software

For manufacturing companies, having the right quantity of goods at the right place is crucial for seamless flow of various supply chain processes. One of the ERP solutions that can help distributors control inventory is WMS for Acumatica.

Developed in line with supply chain management best practices, Savant WMS encompasses procurement, manufacturing, distribution and sales operations processes. The solution’s capability enables manufacturers have better visibility on all activities involved in bringing products to market.

Fusion WMS

Most manufacturers have limited options when it comes to moving products between distribution stores and/or centers and creating pick-lists using multiple criteria such as specific items, customers and more. Organizations that produce high-value items mostly track the serial numbers of the products in the fulfillment process. The tracking is usually achieved through manual processes that are inefficient and costly.

The problem of inefficient tracking capability can be avoided by using Savant WMS for Acumatica. Savant WMS meets all the needs of manufacturers and also performs standards warehouse management functionality. The underlying technology architecture of the solution can handle huge amounts of product/warehouse locations, devices and SKUs.

Streamline Warehouse Functions with SavantWMS

Savant WMS for Acumatica is designed to provide users with the latest functionality for warehouse management, including wireless hand-held support. The ERP enhances existing Acumatica features and can be accessed through the cloud without users having to log into Acumatica.

Some of the Savant WMS’s top functionalities include:

Receiving. Users need a way to easily count and verify items when receiving them at the warehouse. To improve efficiency, users can use handheld devices with Savant WMS to look up POs and verify the items and quantities received. When items have been processed, printing labels can be managed from the handheld device.

This feature eliminates potential errors caused by human counting and verification of inventory received at the warehouse.

License Plate and Bin Management. The solution provides accurate tracking of inventory to temporary or permanent bins. Companies can reduce the potential of lost inventory during shipping or put-away moves by using temporary bins or containers. When an item and bin are scanned, the item will automatically reside in the designated bin.

Serial and Lot Traceability. Users can access the serial and lot traceability available in Acumatica through Savant WMS, either through a handheld device or desktop.

Picking and Shipping. Users can create Sales Orders or Transfer Orders in Acumatica. To further extend the capability of the ERP, Savant WMS can pick the pick-list by hand or via a handheld device. Also, multiple users can manage one pick-list. To confirm a pick-list, a user simply has to select a button on the handheld.

Using Savant WMS, users can pick or pack items to a container for easy reference when shipping. Also, shipping can be done based on the pick-lists or on an individual basis.

Physical Count. Using Savant WMS extends the functionality of Acumatica, enabling the ERP to be accessed on the cloud. This improves the counting capability. For example, users can easily and accurately track physical counts of items across multiple lots, bins and warehouses using Physical Counts.

When Physical Count is used with a Batch or RF handheld computer, inventory can be easily counted at any time rather than waiting for the long annual account. The physical count module helps employees to be more accountable and minimizes misplaced or lost items.

Barcode Printing. WMS helps companies improve efficiency when printing bar code labels. With the module, companies can print any number of bar code labels for their existing inventory at any time. The printing process is simple: select an item or range of items from the inventory master file, choose the number of labels you want and then click the PRINT button.

Flexible Solution for Scalable Distribution Business

When your business is distribution, you need a solution that is made to run your processes. WMS is a powerful, flexible, streamlined and reliable solution that can automate and accelerate supply chain processes critical to your success.

WMS for Acumatica is a complete distribution ERP software. The solution can help manufacturers with inventory planning, supplies management, demand management, value added services and returns processing. Using WMS can help transform the supply chain from a cost to be managed to a key competitive weapon.