Clients First Field Services Webinar

Attend our Field Services Webinar

Acumatica’s new field services management (FSM) suite is now available for services companies who need both CRM functionality and scheduling automation. This suite cuts the time it takes to correspond between departments; it speeds the receipt of service request to dispatch by making it easy to communicate and take action wherever you are.  FSM streamlines the trivial parts of the process like scheduling the service call and planning the transportation route. It can also:

  • Quickly capture service needs and access customer information, product history and resources required to shorten time between call receipt and job assignment.
  • Create daily or weekly schedules automatically or using drag-and drop tools on the visual calendar board
  • Record the details of equipment and products installed at each customer’s site and track repair parts in stock.
  • Establish warranty offers for your customers, specifying which parts are under warranty to avoid confusion, mischarges and objections.

If you would like to learn more about it, we will be having a webinar on March 9th, 2017 at 2 pm CST. It will feature Acumatica expert Tom Costa and Clients First’s Bob Turner as the speakers. Follow this link to register today!

Clients First Field Services Webinar

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