Acumatica PC Magazine editor's choice

Acumatica Wins: PC Magazine editor’s choice

The verdict is in and Acumatica has been given the editor’s choice award by PC Magazine.

What is PC Magazine?

PC magazine is a well-established, international online magazine that writes articles, reviews and even how-to videos on various technological products such as phones, HDTV’s, apps, and software products. PC magazine has been publishing since 1982 and has been strictly online since 2009.

What does the award mean?

The honor of being awarded as an editor’s choice means that that the product was picked out of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of competitors as the leading product in it’s category.

What did they have to say about Acumatica?

PC Magazine was impressed by its user friendliness, ease of accessibility and “non-user-based” pricing, giving it an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5. It also praises Acumatica’s easy dashboard navigation, robust customization options and that it can easily be transported from the cloud to an on premise platform and vice versa.

Acumatica gives the power to its consumers to mold it into the ERP software they need for less stressful, more intuitive experience.

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