Acumatica placed with ERP Leaders in Nucleus Research.

Acumatica Recognized as an ERP Leader

In case you haven’t heard yet, Acumatica has been placed in the “Leader” quadrant in Nucleus Research’s “ERP Technology Value Matrix 2016”, and also ranked highest in the leader quadrant for Usability.

What is Nucleus Research?

Nucleus Research, a principal, case-based technology research firm, rates ERP systems on two main factors:

  1. The usability of a vendor’s products
  2. How the functionality of the product directly benefits customers

They also evaluate the vertical and horizontal capabilities of each vendor.

Nucleus examines each vendor’s product by analyzing real world deployments.  They then compare what they find to the capabilities of the software’s competitors. Because of this approach, all of their research is fact-based; they are not opinion-based research providers. To read what nucleus had to say about Acumatica download the whitepaper.

The purpose of the ERP Technology Value Matrix is to provide a resource that businesses on the market for a new enterprise resource planning solution can look to for the lasted and greatest ERP Software.

What does this mean for Acumatica?

To be placed in the leader quadrant means that Acumatica is not only keeping up with the competition, it’s showing the competition how intuitive ERP is done! This also reaffirms Acumatica’s value for its customers. It proves that when they choose to implement Acumatica they aren’t settling for a second best, they are choosing a top-rated ERP solution that even their most technologically challenged employees can adopt with ease.

“Being recognized as a leader in ERP value is a great honor and one we’ve worked hard to achieve. We’re also quite focused on ease-of-use for our customers, so it’s very affirming to see Acumatica ERP ranked highest in Usability,” said Jon Roskill, President and CEO of Acumatica.

This is a significant milestone for Acumatica because it’s a sign of its transition from a little-known cloud ERP for SMBs to being the foremost cloud ERP in the business.

In the coming year, Acumatica will be working to expand the software’s usability, thus enhancing its sophistication and intuitiveness. This reassures us that we can look forward to more great things coming from Acumatica soon.

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Nucleus Research ERP Technology Value Matrix 2016